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About Us

It was October 1899; William McKinley was in his first term as President of the United States of America. Theodore Roosevelt was busy campaigning for the upcoming November election where he would be elected Governor of New York State. The population of Buffalo, New York was about 350,000. At this time the Assumption Parish was 11 years old. The church had a meeting hall in the basement where some young Polish men would gather to read the few available Polish newspapers they had. It was in this meeting hall that this group of young men met on a Sunday afternoon on October 22, 1899 and decides to form a group they called the Polish Cadet Society. Today that society is known as The Polish Cadets Club of Buffalo.

Kadetow Polskich 1899 - The Polish Cadets Club of BuffaloOld Polish Cadets Federal Credit Union BuildingCadets Federal Credit Union Elma Location Building

From this original Polish Cadet Society evolved several Polish organizations with the most important being the Polish Cadets Federal Credit Union. Our credit union was founded in 1950 by the small businessmen of the Black Rock community which included a baker, a florist and many factory workers. In February 2009, we changed our name to the Cadets Federal Credit Union.

Today, our membership is at 1,000+ and growing. Our assets are more than 14 Million dollars and growing. Cadets FCU has been fortunate to offer our members a wide range of products & services. Financial stability, steady growth, superior leadership and a dedicated staff that brings the ultimate in customer service and a personal quality to our members every day is what makes the Cadets Federal Credit Union a true asset in this community. We look forward to continued success and to help as many people as we can in making their financial banking experience better.